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"Where day-to-day management and operations are delegated to staff or volunteers, your Board remains responsible for supervising the Chief Executive (and sometimes other staff) and ensuring that the organisation is being well managed and operating within agreed policies, the law and its budget."

The Trust Board is a group of people who take ultimate responsibility for a charity. The National Council for Voluntary Organisation’s Good Trustee Guide states that the essential Trust Board responsibilities consist of the following:

  • Setting and maintaining the values, vision, and mission of the charity
  • Developing long-term strategy for the charity
  • Establishing and monitoring policies that govern organisational activity
  • Ensuring that the charity’s activities comply with its governing document and objectives
  • Ensuring that the charity fulfils accountability as required by law to The Charity Commission and HM Revenue & Customs. This includes publishing annual reports and accounts
  • Ensuring that the charity’s activities comply with the law
  • Managing the charity’s resources and funding so it can meet its objectives
  • Respecting the role of staff and volunteers and ensuring policies are put in place to guide them and safeguard the interests of the charity
  • Maintaining productive meetings and effective committees
  • Promoting the organisation
  • Supporting the Chief Executive, in addition to reviewing their performance

At present Avocet Trust has a Board of seven Trustees who are committed to upholding all of the above responsibilities. The seven individuals that make up Avocet’s Trust Board include:

John Stanley (Chair)

John Stanley became a Trustee for Avocet Trust in late 2008 and is the current Chair of the Board. He is a former Lord Mayor and an Honorary Alderman of Hull City Council.

John has a wealth of experience including over 20 years fundraising experience for the Lord Mayor of Kingston-Upon-Hull Charity Committee, 27 years experience as a Hull City Councillor, and several years experience being the non-executive director of the Eastern Primary Care Trust. John is also a former magistrate of many years standing.

Frank Norman (Deputy Chair)

Frank has been involved in many charities over the years. His service with Avocet Trust covers the last 5 years, two of those as Chairman and the latter years as Vice Chair. Also, during his service with the Trust, Frank has played a major part in the start up of our sister trust: The 5 Senses which is a charity providing facilities for vulnerable clients in the field of day care inclusive of suitable activities appropriate to individual needs within a family environment.

As a retired company director travelling to most parts of the world, Frank is presently engaged in sharing our organisational skills and specialised training to other voluntary organisations at no cost.

Lesley Cartwright

Lesley Cartwright was appointed to Avocet’s Trust Board in 2008. Lesley is an experienced legal secretary and former school governor. Married to John Cartwright they have 3 children together, one of whom has multiple special needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Lesley has chosen to be a mother and homemaker for the past 28 years.

Lesley considers Avocet to be going through a very exciting time due to the numerous projects and developments taking shape (such as Neat Marsh Farm) and wished to become part of these changes by putting herself forward as a Trustee.

Sue Baker

Working for the Humberside Probation Trust, Sue is experienced in working to national standards and immediately appreciated the quality and commitment of the people she met at Avocet. Committed to anti discriminatory practice and well versed in Health & Safety and Public Protection issues, Sue transfers her skills to the benefit of Avocet on a regular basis.

Sue loves to visit sites and meet clients especially the Durham Street site. She is a keen gardener and photographer (preferring to be on the other side of the lens!) and is responsible for the whistle blowing policy.

Chris Brown

Chris is owner and managing director of C. McDonald Brown Ltd which is a long established firm of independent financial advisors, Chris also has interests in a printing business and property. He was appointed as a trustee in 2007 and enhances the Trusts access to and experience in the business & finance sectors.

Chris sees his appointment as an opportunity to assist Avocet in going forward in the future as well as giving a little back to society.

Ann Stanley

Ann Stanley was a member of Hull City Council for 18 years and has numerous credentials to her name including being an honorary alderman since 2004, a school governor for over 40 years, a member of the Board of Trustees for the Charterhouse for 27 years, in addition to being involved in various charities as a volunteer for a period spanning 4 decades.

Ann uses her valuable experience to contribute to the work of the Trust.

Andy Tearle

Andy Tearle is currently Deputy Head Teacher at Kings Mill special school in Driffield.

"I have taught in special education since 1982 at four different schools; three of these being residential schools. I bring this experience alongside 10 years professional part time youth work in Hull and two part time coaching roles with Hull based sports clubs. My association with the Avocet Trust started several years ago developing some provision around the North of the East Riding and then as a trainer for Avocet and Chair of the Brian Crosher Training Board. I love being involved with this organisation".



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"Avocet provides lifetime support to vulnerable people to enable them to live fulfilled and valued lives through making personal choices"