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Testimonial: Mark & Greg

Mark has settled in well at Neat Marsh and likes his flat, Mark said he enjoys going out walking, and also goes down to the farm to feed the sheep and horses on a daily basis. Mark likes the team that support him and has a good rapport with them. Mark enjoys going out in the service car and has started going out with other service users. He also likes to spend time in the communal area along with fellow service users and support workers. Mark visits his parents in Bridlington each month and enjoys these trips out.

Mark also likes to access the local garden centre and is becoming a popular member of the community. Mark enjoys going to the cafe at Mathew’s enterprise and chatting to Claire and other staff who work there.

Greg has been living at Neat Marsh since 2010 his parent’s feel that he has settled in well. Here are some of the comments made by Greg’s parents on his behalf:

  • I have the chance to take country walks straight out of my house.
  • It’s great watching the garden improve all the time attracting wildlife for me to watch.
  • It’s great having a friend in the next flat and sometimes we meet in the communal area for a drink together.
  • There’s a nice pub within walking distance for me to have a meal.
  • I can just sit and listen to my music all day if I want and not disturb anyone.
  • My staff take me out in my car whenever I fancy a trip out, I go on bike rides in East Park and go to the cinema.
  • My staff take me to Aldi supermarket regularly where the staff now know me and allow me to re-arrange the shelves and keep them neat.
  • I can re-arrange my furniture in my flat however I wish and my staff support me in this as I enjoy re-arranging things sometimes.
  • I do my cleaning chores in the morning, wash my pots, put my laundry away and hoover through my flat and mop my bathroom floor!
  • I have some regular habits which are fully accepted by my staff even though they may seem unusual to other people.
  • Many of my staff now understand some of my Makaton signs so we can talk together better.
  • The atmosphere in my flat at Neat Marsh is very relaxed and I think that being in the country is brilliant!!

Testimonial: Elaine

My name is Elaine and I am a happy lady with a pleasant nature. I live in a bungalow with my cat Nigel and support workers whom I get on with very well.

I enjoy a full and varied social life from week to week with regular activities which I look forward to. I go to three different over 55's clubs where I like playing bingo, watching the singer and chatting to my friends. I have lots of friends who I see on a regular basis, who I have a good laugh with.

I love to go on holidays and day trips and this year I was able to go on a cruise which I have wanted to do for a long time. I liked meeting people, the food and the entertainment but most of all I liked the sea. Last year I went to Disneyland Paris and really enjoyed it as I love Disney.

I have also been on lots of day trips to places such as Cleethorpes and Skegness with the Over 55's club and to Bridlington, York and Scarborough with my support workers. I have a car that I am very proud of and love to go out in it for the day.

I like to go to parties and this year I have been to an Easter Party, Halloween Party and my friends birthday night out where I enjoyed singing karaoke, especially one of my favourite songs: Paper Roses. I was also invited to my friends wedding reception and was very happy to be part of her big day.

I have a loving family and I'm very close to my two sisters and was very pleased when my nephew brought his new baby to meet me and have lots of cuddles.

"Avocet provides lifetime support to vulnerable people to enable them to live fulfilled and valued lives through making personal choices"