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Our Approach

At Avocet our staff work closely with clients to improve their quality of life through supporting people to exercise choice in how they spend their days.

We listen carefully to people to discover what is important to them, what support they might need and their hopes and aspirations for the future.

We do this right from the time when someone is referred to us and throughout a person’s time with us.

We use Person Centred Planning to ensure that each individual has a care plan that shows our staff how to care and support someone on a day to day basis.

During this process we adhere to O’Brien Principles which include:

  • Promoting Choice
  • Community Presence
  • Encouraging Values and Social Roles
  • Supporting Worthwhile contributions
  • Community Participation

Working in Partnership with Relatives

At Avocet we believe that often it is family members who know the person with learning disabilities best.

They care about a person in a way that is different from everyone else and they sometimes want to contribute to the planning of their relatives care. They often bring to the table a huge amount of commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm. We want family members and friends to become partners in planning support for our clients whilst at the same time maintaining the clients` independence.

It is a priority for us to sustain value and strengthen people’s family connections.

"Avocet provides lifetime support to vulnerable people to enable them to live fulfilled and valued lives through making personal choices"