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Avocet Trust is a charity which aims to provide lifetime support for vulnerable adults with varying needs including learning disabilities and some related physical disabilities. The Trust currently has over 50 houses, situated around Beverley, Hull and Preston for the private use of our clients. Avocet provides a dedicated support team for individual residents in each of the houses. Most houses have between one and four residents, each with their own bedroom. Some of the houses are detached and others are grouped together on a single site.

The houses are homely and well equipped and are furnished and decorated to the residents’ personal tastes.

The ultimate purpose of Avocet Trust is to provide life-long support and person-centred care for people to enable them to lead fulfilled and valued lives. Wherever possible, clients and our staff build up long-term relationships and all of our houses have a family feel about them.

Our staff work with clients to improve their quality of life through being able to exercise choice in how they spend their days and how they live their lives. We support clients individually in such things as having the meals they like, when they want them and helping them undertake activities of their choice as often as they want.

"Avocet provides lifetime support to vulnerable people to enable them to live fulfilled and valued lives through making personal choices"