At Avocet Trust we believe in person centred care, so we work closely with everyone including the client, their family and other professionals to carry out our own assessment to help us to identify a person’s needs. This may include an assessment by one or two of our Managers to determine how we can best deliver support to a new client. Part of the assessment process takes into account any existing care plans and of course the views of the client and their family.


Change can be a challenging time for anyone. At Avocet we recognise that people may need support in adapting to new circumstances. We work closely with individuals, families and professionals to support anyone who is new to adjust to our services. We take things gradually and plan carefully any changes.

Anyone wishing to make a referral to Avocet Trust should contact our Head Office at 60-62 Clarence Street Hull HU91DN or call us on 01482 329226.

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